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Effect, adverse NEC
abnormal gravitational (G) forces or states 994.9
air pressure - see Effect, adverse, atmospheric pressure
altitude (high) - see Effect, adverse, high altitude
in labor and delivery NEC 668.9
affecting fetus or newborn 763.5
antitoxin - see Complications, vaccination
atmospheric pressure 993.9
due to explosion 993.4
high 993.3
low - see Effect, adverse, high altitude
specified effect NEC 993.8
biological, correct substance properly administered (see also Effect, adverse, drug) 995.20
blood (derivatives) (serum) (transfusion) - see Complications, transfusion
chemical substance NEC 989.9
specified - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
cobalt, radioactive (see also Effect, adverse, radioactive substance) 990
cold (temperature) (weather) 991.9
chilblains 991.5
frostbite - see Frostbite
specified effect NEC 991.8
drugs and medicinals 995.20
correct substance properly administered 995.20
overdose or wrong substance given or taken 977.9
specified drug - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
electric current (shock) 994.8
burn - see Burn, by site
electricity (electrocution) (shock) 994.8
burn - see Burn, by site
exertion (excessive) 994.5
exposure 994.9
exhaustion 994.4
external cause NEC 994.9
fallout (radioactive) NEC 990
fluoroscopy NEC 990
allergic reaction (see also Allergy, food) 693.1
anaphylactic shock due to food NEC 995.60
noxious 988.9
specified type NEC (see also Poisoning, by name of noxious foodstuff) 988.8
gases, fumes, or vapors - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
glue (airplane) sniffing 304.6
heat - see Heat
high altitude NEC 993.2
anoxia 993.2
ears 993.0
sinuses 993.1
polycythemia 289.0
hot weather - see Heat
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