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Empyema (chest) (diaphragmatic) (double) (encapsulated) (general) (interlobar) (lung) (medial) (necessitatis) (perforating chest wall) (pleura) (pneumococcal) (residual) (sacculated) (streptococcal) (supradiaphragmatic) 510.9
with fistula 510.0
accessory sinus (chronic) (see also Sinusitis) 473.9
acute 510.9
with fistula 510.0
antrum (chronic) (see also Sinusitis, maxillary) 473.0
brain (any part) (see also Abscess, brain) 324.0
ethmoidal (sinus) (chronic) (see also Sinusitis, ethmoidal) 473.2
extradural (see also Abscess, extradural) 324.9
frontal (sinus) (chronic) (see also Sinusitis, frontal) 473.1
gallbladder (see also Cholecystitis, acute) 575.0
mastoid (process) (acute) (see also Mastoiditis, acute) 383.00
maxilla, maxillary 526.4
sinus (chronic) (see also Sinusitis, maxillary) 473.0
nasal sinus (chronic) (see also Sinusitis) 473.9
sinus (accessory) (nasal) (see also Sinusitis) 473.9
sphenoidal (chronic) (sinus) (see also Sinusitis, sphenoidal) 473.3
subarachnoid (see also Abscess, extradural) 324.9
subdural (see also Abscess, extradural) 324.9
tuberculous (see also Tuberculosis, pleura) 012.0
ureter (see also Ureteritis) 593.89
ventricular (see also Abscess, brain) 324.0
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