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History (personal) of
emotional V15.42
neglect V15.42
physical V15.41
sexual V15.41
affective psychosis V11.1
alcoholism V11.3
specified as drinking problem (see also Abuse, drugs, nondependent) 305.0
allergy to
analgesic agent NEC V14.6
anesthetic NEC V14.4
antibiotic agent NEC V14.1
penicillin V14.0
anti-infective agent NEC V14.3
diathesis V15.09
drug V14.9
specified type NEC V14.8
eggs V15.03
food additives V15.05
insect bite V15.06
latex V15.07
medicinal agents V14.9
specified type NEC V14.8
milk products V15.02
narcotic agent NEC V14.5
nuts V15.05
peanuts V15.01
penicillin V14.0
radiographic dye V15.08
seafood V15.04
serum V14.7
specified food NEC V15.05
specified nonmedicinal agents NEC V15.09
spider bite V15.06
sulfa V14.2
sulfonamides V14.2
therapeutic agent NEC V15.09
vaccine V14.7
anemia V12.3
arthritis V13.4
arrest, sudden cardiac V12.53
attack, transient ischemic (TIA) V12.54
benign neoplasm of brain V12.41
blood disease V12.3
calculi, urinary V13.01
cardiovascular disease V12.50
myocardial infarction 412
child abuse V15.41
chemotherapy, antineoplastic V87.41
cigarette smoking V15.82
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