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Resistance, resistant (to)
activated protein C 289.81

Note65  Use the following subclassification for categories V09.5, V09.7, V09.8, V09.9

                        0          without mention of resistance to multiple drugs
                        1          with resistance to multiple drugs
                                    V09.5    quinolones and fluoroquinolones
                                    V09.7    antimycobacterial agents
                                    V09.8    specified drugs NEC
                                    V09.9    unspecified drugs

drugs by microorganisms V09.90
Amikacin V09.4
aminoglycosides V09.4
Amodiaquine V09.5
Amoxicillin V09.0
Ampicillin V09.0
antimycobacterial agents V09.7
Azithromycin V09.2
Azlocillin V09.0
Aztreonam V09.1
B-lactam antibiotics V09.1
Bacampicillin V09.0
Bacitracin V09.8
Benznidazole V09.8
Capreomycin V09.7
Carbenicillin V09.0
Cefaclor V09.1
Cefadroxil V09.1
Cefamandole V09.1
Cefatetan V09.1
Cefazolin V09.1
Cefixime V09.1
Cefonicid V09.1
Cefoperazone V09.1
Ceforanide V09.1
Cefotaxime V09.1
Cefoxitin V09.1
Ceftazidine V09.1
Ceftizoxime V09.1
Ceftriaxone V09.1
Cefuroxime V09.1
Cephalexin V09.1
Cephaloglycin V09.1
Cephaloridine V09.1
cephalosporins V09.1
Cephalothin V09.1
Cephapirin V09.1
Cephradine V09.1
Chloramphenicol V09.8
Chloraquine V09.5
Chlorguanide V09.8
Chlorproguanil V09.8
Chlortetracyline V09.3
Cinoxacin V09.5
Ciprofloxacin V09.5
Clarithromycin V09.2
Clindamycin V09.8
Clioquinol V09.5
Clofazimine V09.7
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