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Avulsion (traumatic) 879.8
blood vessel - see Injury, blood vessel, by site
cartilage - see also Dislocation, by site
knee, current (see also Tear, meniscus) 836.2
symphyseal (inner), complicating delivery 665.6
complicated 879.9
diaphragm - see Injury, internal, diaphragm
ear - see Wound, open, ear
epiphysis of bone - see Fracture, by site
external site other than limb - see Wound, open, by site
eye 871.3
fingernail - see Wound, open, finger
fracture - see Fracture, by site
genital organs, external - see Wound, open, genital organs
head (intracranial) NEC - see also Injury, intracranial, with open intracranial wound
complete 874.9
external site NEC 873.8
complicated 873.9
internal organ or site - see Injury, internal, by site
joint - see also Dislocation, by site
capsule - see Sprain, by site
ligament - see Sprain, by site
limb - see also Amputation, traumatic, by site
skin and subcutaneous tissue - see Wound, open, by site
muscle - see Sprain, by site
nerve (root) - see Injury, nerve, by site
scalp - see Wound, open, scalp
skin and subcutaneous tissue - see Wound, open, by site
symphyseal cartilage (inner), complicating delivery 665.6
tendon - see also Sprain, by site
with open wound - see Wound, open, by site
toenail - see Wound, open, toe(s)
tooth 873.63
complicated 873.73
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