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Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 756.83
Ehrlichiosis 082.40
Eichstedt's disease (pityriasis versicolor) 111.0
Eisenmenger's complex or syndrome (ventricular septal defect) 745.4
Ejaculation, semen
Ekbom syndrome (restless legs) 333.94
Ekman's syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera) 756.51
Elastic skin 756.83
Elastofibroma (M8820/0) - see Neoplasm,
Elastoma 757.39
Elastomyofibrosis 425.3
Elastosis 701.8
Elbow - see condition
Electrocution 994.8
Electrolyte imbalance 276.9
Elephant man syndrome 237.71
Elephantiasis (nonfilarial) 457.1
Elevated - see Elevation
Elliptocytosis (congenital) (hereditary) 282.1
Ellis-van Creveld disease or syndrome
Ellison-Zollinger syndrome
Elongation, elongated (congenital) - see also Distortion
Elschnig bodies or pearls 366.51
El Tor cholera 001.1
Emaciation (due to malnutrition) 261
Emancipation disorder 309.22
Embadomoniasis 007.8
Embarrassment heart, cardiac - see Disease, heart
Embedded tooth, teeth 520.6
Embolic - see condition
Embolism 444.9
Embolization - see Embolism
Embolus - see Embolism
Embryoma (M9080/1) - see also Neoplasm, by site, uncertain behavior
Embryopathia NEC 759.9
Embryotomy, fetal 763.89
Embryotoxon 743.43
Emesis - see also Vomiting
Emissions, nocturnal (semen) 608.89
Emotionality, pathological 301.3
Emotogenic disease (see also Disorder, psychogenic) 306.9
Emphysema (atrophic) (centriacinar) (centrilobular) (chronic) (diffuse) (essential) (hypertrophic) (interlobular) (lung) (obstructive) (panlobular) (paracicatricial) (paracinar) (postural) (pulmonary) (senile) (subpleural) (traction) (unilateral) (un
Employment examination (certification) V70.5
Empty sella (turcica) syndrome 253.8
Empyema (chest) (diaphragmatic) (double) (encapsulated) (general) (interlobar) (lung) (medial) (necessitatis) (perforating chest wall) (pleura) (pneumococcal) (residual) (sacculated) (streptococcal) (supradiaphragmatic) 510.9
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