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Emaciation (due to malnutrition) 261
Emancipation disorder 309.22
Embadomoniasis 007.8
Embarrassment heart, cardiac - see Disease, heart
Embedded tooth, teeth 520.6
Embolic - see condition
Embolism 444.9
Embolization - see Embolism
Embolus - see Embolism
Embryoma (M9080/1) - see also Neoplasm, by site, uncertain behavior
Embryopathia NEC 759.9
Embryotomy, fetal 763.89
Embryotoxon 743.43
Emesis - see also Vomiting
Emissions, nocturnal (semen) 608.89
Emotionality, pathological 301.3
Emotogenic disease (see also Disorder, psychogenic) 306.9
Emphysema (atrophic) (centriacinar) (centrilobular) (chronic) (diffuse) (essential) (hypertrophic) (interlobular) (lung) (obstructive) (panlobular) (paracicatricial) (paracinar) (postural) (pulmonary) (senile) (subpleural) (traction) (unilateral) (un
Employment examination (certification) V70.5
Empty sella (turcica) syndrome 253.8
Empyema (chest) (diaphragmatic) (double) (encapsulated) (general) (interlobar) (lung) (medial) (necessitatis) (perforating chest wall) (pleura) (pneumococcal) (residual) (sacculated) (streptococcal) (supradiaphragmatic) 510.9
Enameloma 520.2
Encephalitis (bacterial) (chronic) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (nonepidemic) (spurious) (subacute) 323.9
Encephalocele 742.0
Encephalocystocele 742.0
Encephalomalacia (brain) (cerebellar) (cerebral) (cerebrospinal) (see also Softening, brain) 434.9
Encephalomeningitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomeningocele 742.0
Encephalomeningomyelitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomeningopathy (see also Meningoencephalitis) 349.9
Encephalomyelitis (chronic) (granulomatous) (myalgic, benign) (see also Encephalitis) 323.9
Encephalomyelocele 742.0
Encephalomyelomeningitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomyeloneuropathy 349.9
Encephalomyelopathy 349.9
Encephalomyeloradiculitis (acute) 357.0
Encephalomyeloradiculoneuritis (acute) 357.0
Encephalomyeloradiculopathy 349.9
Encephalomyocarditis 074.23
Encephalopathia hyperbilirubinemica, newborn 774.7
Encephalopathy (acute) 348.30
Encephalorrhagia (see also Hemorrhage, brain) 432.9
Encephalosis, posttraumatic 310.2
Enchondroma (M9220/0) - see also Neoplasm, bone, benign
Enchondromatosis (cartilaginous) (congenital) (multiple) 756.4
Enchondroses, multiple (cartilaginous) (congenital) 756.4
Encopresis (see also Incontinence, feces) 787.6
Encounter for - see also Admission for
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