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Fear, fearfulness (complex) (reaction) 300.20
Feared complaint unfounded V65.5
Febricula (continued) (simple) (see also Pyrexia) 780.60
Febrile (see also Pyrexia) 780.60
Febris (see also Fever) 780.60
Fecal - see condition
Fecalith (impaction) 560.39
Fede's disease 529.0
Feeble-minded 317
Feeble rapid pulse due to shock following injury 958.4
Feeling of foreign body in throat 784.99
Feer's disease 985.0
Feet - see condition
Feigned illness V65.2
Feil-Klippel syndrome (brevicollis) 756.16
Feinmesser's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia 757.31
Felix's disease (juvenile osteochondrosis, hip) 732.1
Felon (any digit) (with lymphangitis) 681.01
Felty's syndrome (rheumatoid arthritis with splenomegaly and leukopenia) 714.1
Feminism in boys 302.6
Feminization, testicular 259.51
Femoral hernia - see Hernia, femoral
Femora vara 736.32
Femur, femoral - see condition
Fenestrata placenta - see Placenta, abnormal
Fenestration, fenestrated - see also Imperfect, closure
Fenwick's disease 537.89
Fermentation (gastric) (gastrointestinal) (stomach) 536.8
Fernell's disease (aortic aneurysm) 441.9
Fertile eunuch syndrome 257.2
Fertility, meaning multiparity - see Multiparity
Fetalis uterus 752.3
Fetishism 302.81
Fetomaternal hemorrhage
Fetus, fetal - see also condition
Fever 780.60
Fibrinogenolysis (hemorrhagic) - see Fibrinolysis
Fibrinogenopenia (congenital) (hereditary) (see also Defect, coagulation) 286.3
Fibrinolysis (acquired) (hemorrhagic) (pathologic) 286.6
Fibrinopenia (hereditary) (see also Defect, coagulation) 286.3
Fibrinopurulent - see condition
Fibrinous - see condition
Fibroadenoma (M9010/0)
Fibroadenosis, breast (chronic) (cystic) (diffuse) (periodic) (segmental) 610.2
Fibroangioma (M9160/0) - see also Neoplasm, by site, benign
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