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Labioglossal paralysis 335.22
Labium leporinum (see also Cleft, lip) 749.10
Labor (see also Delivery)
Labored breathing (see also Hyperventilation) 786.09
Labyrinthitis (inner ear) (destructive) (latent) 386.30
Laceration - see also Wound, open, by site
Lachrymal - see condition
Lachrymonasal duct - see condition
Lack of
Lacrimal - see condition
Lacrimation, abnormal (see also Epiphora) 375.20
Lacrimonasal duct - see condition
Lactation, lactating (breast) (puerperal) (postpartum)
Lacticemia 271.3
Lactosuria 271.3
Lacunar skull 756.0
Laennec's cirrhosis (alcoholic) 571.2
Lafora's disease 333.2
Lag, lid (nervous) 374.41
Lagleyze-von Hippel disease (retinocerebral angiomatosis) 759.6
Lagophthalmos (eyelid) (nervous) 374.20
La grippe - see Influenza
Lahore sore 085.1
Lakes, venous (cerebral) 437.8
Laki-Lorand factor deficiency (see also Defect, coagulation) 286.3
Lalling 307.9
Lambliasis 007.1
Lame back 724.5
Lancereaux's diabetes (diabetes mellitus with marked emaciation) 250.8 [261]
Landau-Kleffner syndrome 345.8
Landouzy-Déjérine dystrophy (fascioscapulohumeral atrophy) 359.1
Landry's disease or paralysis 357.0
Landry-Guillain-Barré syndrome 357.0
Langdon Down's syndrome (mongolism) 758.0
Language abolition 784.69
Lanugo (persistent) 757.4
Laparoscopic surgical procedure converted to open procedure V64.41
Larsen's syndrome (flattened facies and multiple congenital dislocations) 755.8
Larsen-Johansson disease (juvenile osteopathia patellae) 732.4
Larva migrans
Laryngeal - see also condition
Laryngismus (acute) (infectious) (stridulous) 478.75
Laryngitis (acute) (edematous) (fibrinous) (gangrenous) (infective) (infiltrative) (malignant) (membranous) (phlegmonous) (pneumococcal) (pseudomembranous) (septic) (subglottic) (suppurative) (ulcerative) (viral) 464.00
Laryngocele (congenital) (ventricular) 748.3
Laryngofissure 478.79
Laryngomalacia (congenital) 748.3
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