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997.4 Digestive system complications
Complications of:
Intestinal (internal) anastomosis and bypass, not elsewhere classified, except that involving urinary tract
Hepatic failure specified as due to a procedure
Hepatorenal syndrome specified as due to a procedure
Intestinal obstruction NOS specified as due to a procedure
specified gastrointestinal complications classified elsewhere, such as:
blind loop syndrome (579.2)
colostomy or enterostomy complications (569.60-569.69)
gastrojejunal ulcer (534.0-534.9)
gastrostomy complications (536.40-536.49)
infection of esophagostomy (530.86)
infection of external stoma (569.61)
mechanical complication of esophagostomy (530.87)
pelvic peritoneal adhesions, female (614.6)
peritoneal adhesions (568.0)
peritoneal adhesions with obstruction (560.81)
postcholecystectomy syndrome (576.0)
postgastric surgery syndromes (564.2)
vomiting following gastrointestinal surgery (564.3)
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