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160 Malignant neoplasm of nasal cavities, middle ear, and accessory sinuses
160.0 Nasal cavities
Cartilage of nose
Conchae, nasal
Internal nose
Septum of nose
Vestibule of nose
nasal bone (170.0)
nose NOS (195.0)
olfactory bulb (192.0)
posterior margin of septum and choanae (147.3)
skin of nose (172.3, 173.3)
turbinates (170.0)
160.1 Auditory tube, middle ear, and mastoid air cells
Antrum tympanicum
Eustachian tube
Tympanic cavity
auditory canal (external) (172.2, 173.2)
bone of ear (meatus) (170.0)
cartilage of ear (171.0)
ear (external) (skin) (172.2, 173.2)
160.2 Maxillary sinus
Antrum (Highmore) (maxillary)
160.3 Ethmoidal sinus
160.4 Frontal sinus
160.5 Sphenoidal sinus
160.8 Other
Malignant neoplasm of contiguous or overlapping sites of nasal cavities, middle ear, and accessory sinuses whose point of origin cannot be determined
160.9 Accessory sinus, unspecified
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