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310 Specific nonpsychotic mental disorders due to brain damage
neuroses, personality disorders, or other nonpsychotic conditions occurring in a form similar to that seen with functional disorders but in association with a physical condition (300.0-300.9, 301.0-301.9)
310.0 Frontal lobe syndrome
Lobotomy syndrome
Postleucotomy syndrome [state]
postcontusion syndrome (310.2)
310.1 Personality change due to conditions classified elsewhere
Cognitive or personality change of other type, of nonpsychotic severity
Organic psychosyndrome of nonpsychotic severity
Presbyophrenia NOS
Senility with mental changes of nonpsychotic severity
memory loss of unknown cause (780.93)
310.2 Postconcussion syndrome
Postcontusion syndrome or encephalopathy
Posttraumatic brain syndrome, nonpsychotic
Status postcommotio cerebri
Use additional code to identify associated post-traumatic headache, if applicable (339.20-339.22)
any organic psychotic conditions following head injury (293.0-294.0)
frontal lobe syndrome (310.0)
postencephalitic syndrome (310.8)
310.8 Other specified nonpsychotic mental disorders following organic brain damage
Mild memory disturbance
Postencephalitic syndrome
Other focal (partial) organic psychosyndromes
310.9 Unspecified nonpsychotic mental disorder following organic brain damage
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