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438 Late effects of cerebrovascular disease
Note: This category is to be used to indicate conditions in 430-437 as the cause of late effects. The "late effects" include conditions specified as such, or as sequelae, which may occur at any time after the onset of the causal condition.
personal history of:
cerebral infarction without residual deficits (V12.54)
PRIND (Prolonged reversible ischemic neurologic deficit) (V12.54)
RIND (Reversible ischemic neurological deficit) (V12.54)
transient ischemic attack (TIA) (V12.54)
438.0 Cognitive deficits
438.5 Other paralytic syndrome
Use additional code to identify type of paralytic syndrome, such as:
locked-in state (344.81)
quadriplegia (344.00-344.09)
late effects of cerebrovascular accident with:
hemiplegia/hemiparesis (438.20-438.22)
monoplegia of lower limb (438.40-438.42)
monoplegia of upper limb (438.40-438.42)
438.6 Alterations of sensations
Use additional code to identify the altered sensation
438.7 Disturbances of vision
Use additional code to identify the visual disturbance
438.9 Unspecified late effects of cerebrovascular disease
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