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495 Extrinsic allergic alveolitis
allergic alveolitis and pneumonitis due to inhaled organic dust particles of fungal, thermophilic actinomycete, or other origin
495.0 Farmers' lung
495.1 Bagassosis
495.2 Bird-fanciers' lung
Budgerigar-fanciers' disease or lung
Pigeon-fanciers' disease or lung
495.3 Suberosis
Cork-handlers' disease or lung
495.4 Malt workers' lung
Alveolitis due to Aspergillus clavatus
495.5 Mushroom workers' lung
495.6 Maple bark-strippers' lung
Alveolitis due to Cryptostroma corticale
495.7 "Ventilation" pneumonitis
Allergic alveolitis due to fungal, thermophilic actinomycete, and other organisms growing in ventilation [air conditioning] systems
495.8 Other specified allergic alveolitis and pneumonitis
Cheese-washers' lung
Coffee workers' lung
Fish-meal workers' lung
Furriers' lung
Grain-handlers' disease or lung
Pituitary snuff-takers' disease
Sequoiosis or red-cedar asthma
Wood asthma
495.9 Unspecified allergic alveolitis and pneumonitis
Alveolitis, allergic (extrinsic)
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
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