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654 Abnormality of organs and soft tissues of pelvis
Requires fifth digit; valid digits are in [brackets] under each code. See beginning of section 650-659 for definitions.
the listed conditions during pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium
Code first any associated obstructed labor (660.2)
trauma to perineum and vulva complicating current delivery (664.0-664.9)
654.0 Congenital abnormalities of uterus
Double uterus
Uterus bicornis
654.1 Tumors of body of uterus
Uterine fibroids
654.2 Previous cesarean delivery
Uterine scar from previous cesarean delivery
654.3 Retroverted and incarcerated gravid uterus
654.4 Other abnormalities in shape or position of gravid uterus and of neighboring structures
Pelvic floor repair
Pendulous abdomen
Prolapse of gravid uterus
Rigid pelvic floor
654.5 Cervical incompetence
Presence of Shirodkar suture with or without mention of cervical incompetence
654.6 Other congenital or acquired abnormality of cervix
Cicatricial cervix
Polyp of cervix
Previous surgery to cervix
Rigid cervix (uteri)
Stenosis or stricture of cervix
Tumor of cervix
654.7 Congenital or acquired abnormality of vagina
Previous surgery to vagina
Septate vagina
Stenosis of vagina (acquired) (congenital)
Sricture of vagina
Tumor of vagina
654.8 Congenital or acquired abnormality of vulva
Anal sphincter tear (healed) (old) complicating delivery
Fibrosis of perineum
Persistent hymen
Previous surgery to perineum or vulva
Rigid perineum
Tumor of vulva
anal sphincter tear (healed) (old) not associated with delivery (569.43)
varicose veins of vulva (671.1)
654.9 Other and unspecified
Uterine scar NEC
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