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723 Other disorders of cervical region
conditions due to:
intervertebral disc disorders (722.0-722.9)
spondylosis (721.0-721.9)
723.0 Spinal stenosis of cervical region
723.1 Cervicalgia
Pain in neck
723.2 Cervicocranial syndrome
Barré-Liéou syndrome
Posterior cervical sympathetic syndrome
723.3 Cervicobrachial syndrome (diffuse)
723.4 Brachia neuritis or radiculitis NOS
Cervical radiculitis
Radicular syndrome of upper limbs
723.5 Torticollis, unspecified
Contracture of neck
congenital (754.1)
due to birth injury (767.8)
hysterical (300.11)
ocular torticollis (781.93)
psychogenic (306.0)
spasmodic (333.83)
traumatic, current (847.0)
723.6 Panniculitis specified as affecting neck
723.7 Ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament in cervical region
723.8 Other syndromes affecting cervical region
Cervical syndrome NEC
Klippel's disease
Occipital neuralgia
723.9 Unspecified musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms referable to neck
Cervical (region) disorder NOS
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