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763 Fetus or newborn affected by other complications of labor and delivery
the listed conditions only when specified as a cause of mortality or morbidity in the fetus or newborn
newborn affected by surgical procedures on mother (760.61-760.64)
763.0 Breech delivery and extraction
763.1 Other malpresentation, malposition, and disproportion during labor and delivery
Fetus or newborn affected by:
abnormality of bony pelvis
contracted pelvis
persistent occipitoposterior position
shoulder presentation
transverse lie
conditions classifiable to 652, 653, and 660
763.2 Forceps delivery
Fetus or newborn affected by forceps extraction
763.3 Delivery by vacuum extractor
763.4 Cesarean delivery
placental separation or hemorrhage from cesarean section (762.1)
763.5 Maternal anesthesia and analgesia
Reactions and intoxications from maternal opiates and trauilizers during labor and delivery
drug withdrawal syndrome in newborn (779.5)
763.6 Precipitate delivery
Rapid second stage
763.7 Abnormal uterine contractions
Fetus or newborn affected by:
contraction ring
hypertonic labor
hypotonic uterine dysfunction
uterine inertia or dysfunction
conditions classifiable to 661, except 661.3
763.9 Unspecified complication of labor and delivery affecting fetus or newborn
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