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125 Filarial infection and dracontiasis
125.0 Bancroftian filariasis
Chyluria due to Wuchereria bancrofti
Elephantiasis due to Wuchereria bancrofti
Infection due to Wuchereria bancrofti
Lymphadenitis due to Wuchereria bancrofti
Lymphangitis due to Wuchereria bancrofti
125.1 Malayan filariasis
Brugia filariasis due to Brugia [Wuchereria] malayi
Chyluria due to Brugia [Wuchereria] malayi
Elephantiasis due to Brugia [Wuchereria] malayi
Infection due to Brugia [Wuchereria] malayi
Lymphadenitis due to Brugia [Wuchereria] malayi
Lymphangitis due to Brugia [Wuchereria] malayi
125.2 Loiasis
Eyeworm disease of Africa
Loa loa infection
125.3 Onchocerciasis
Onchocerca volvulus infection
125.4 Dipetalonemiasis
Infection by:
Acanthocheilonema perstans
Dipetalonema perstans
125.5 Mansonella ozzardi infection
Filariasis ozzardi
125.6 Other specified filariasis
Dirofilaria infection
Infection by:
Acanthocheilonema streptocerca
Dipetalonema streptocerca
125.7 Dracontiasis
Guinea-worm infection
Infection by Dracunculus medinensis
125.9 Unspecified filariasis
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