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Ear mold, V5264
Echocardiography injectable contrast material, A9700
Eculizumab, J1300
Edetate calcium disodium, J0600
Edetate disodium, J3520
Eggcrate dry pressure pad/mattress, E0184, E0199
 disarticulation, endoskeletal, L6450
 orthosis (EO), E1800, L3700-L3740, L3760
 protector, E0191
Electrical work, dialysis equipment, A4870
Electrodes, per pair, A4556
Elevating leg rest, K0195
Elliotts b solution, J9175
EMG, E0746
Eminase, J0350
Endarterectomy, chemical, M0300
Endodontic procedures, D3000-D3999
 periapical services, D3410-D3470
 pulp capping, D3110, D3120
 root canal therapy, D3310-D3353
Endoscope sheath, A4270
Endoskeletal system, addition, L5848, L5856-L5857, L5925
Enfuvirtide, J1324
Enoxaparin sodium, J1650
 feeding supply kit (syringe) (pump) (gravity), B4034-B4036
 formulae, B4149-B4156
 nutrition infusion pump (with alarm) (without), B9000, B9002
Epinephrine, J0170
Epirubicin HCl, J9178
Epoetin alpha, J0885-J0886, Q4081
Epoprostenol, J1325
Ergonovine maleate, J1330
Ertapenem sodium, J1335
Erythromycin lactobionate, J1364
ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease; see also Dialysis)
 machines and accessories, E1500-E1699
 plumbing, A4870
 supplies, A4651-A4929
Estrogen conjugated, J1410
Estrone (5, Aqueous), J1435
Ethanolamine oleate, J1430
Etidronate disodium, J1436
Etonogestrel implant system, J7307
Etoposide, J9181, J9182
Etoposide, oral, J8560
Euflexxa, J7323
Examination, oral, D0120-D0160
Exercise equipment, A9300
 ambulatory infusion pump, E0781, E0784
 ambulatory insulin delivery system, A9274
 power, battery components, L7360-L7368
 power, elbow, L7160-L7191
 urinary supplies, A4356-A4359
Extractions (see also Dental procedures), D7110-D7130, D7250
Extraoral films, D0250, D0260
Extremity belt/harness, E0945
 case, V2756
 lens (contact) (spectacle), V2100-V2615
 prosthetic, V2623, V2629
 service (miscellaneous), V2700-V2799
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