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O & P supply/accessory/service, L9900
Obturator prosthesis
 definitive, D5932
 interim, D5936
 surgical, D5931
Occipital/mandibular support, cervical, L0160
Octafluoropropane, Q9956
Octagam, J1568
Octreotide acetate, J2353, J2354
Ocular prosthetic implant, L8610
Omalizumab, J2357
Ondansetron HCl, J2405
One arm, drive attachment, K0101
Oprelvekin, J2355
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, D7000-D7999
Oral device/appliance, E0485-E0486
Oral examination, D0120-D0160
Oral/nasal mask, A7027
 nasal pillows, A7029
 oral cushion, A7028
Oropharyngeal suction catheter, A4628
Orphenadrine, J2360
Orthodontics, D8000-D8999
Orthopedic shoes
 arch support, L3040-L3100
 footwear, L3201-L3265
 insert, L3000-L3030
 lift, L3300-L3334
 miscellaneous additions, L3500-L3595
 positioning device, L3140-L3170
 transfer, L3600-L3649
 wedge, L3340-L3420
Orthotic additions
 carbon graphite lamination, L2755
 fracture, L2180-L2192, L3995
 halo, L0860
 lower extremity, L2200-L2999, L4320
 ratchet lock, L2430
 scoliosis, L1010-L1120, L1210-L1290
 shoe, L3300-L3595, L3649
 spinal, L0970-L0984
 upper limb, L3810-L3890, L3970-L3974, L3995
Orthotic devices
 ankle-foot (AFO; see also Orthopedic shoes), E1815, E1816, E1830, L1900-L1990,
 L2102-L2116, L3160
 anterior-posterior-lateral, L0700, L0710
 cervical, L0100-L0200
 cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral (CTLSO), L0700, L0710
 elbow (EO), E1800, E1801, L3700-L3740
 fracture, L2102-L2136, L3980-L3986
 halo, L0810-L0830
 hand, finger, prefabricated, L3923
 hand, (WHFO), E1805, E1825, L3807, L3900-L3954
 hip (HO), L1600-L1690
 hip-knee-ankle-foot (HKAFO), L2040-L2090
 interface material, E1820
 knee (KO), E1810, E1811, L1800-L1885
 knee-ankle-foot (KAFO; see also Orthopedic shoes), L2000-L2038, L2126-L2136
Legg Perthes, L1700-L1755
 multiple post collar, L0180-L0200
 not otherwise specified, L0999, L1499, L2999, L3999, L5999, L7499, L8039, L8239
 pneumatic splint, L4350-L4380
 pronation/supination, E1818
 repair or replacement, L4000-L4210
 replace soft interface material, L4390-L4394
 sacroiliac, L0600-L0620
 scoliosis, L1000 - L1499
 shoe, see Orthopedic shoes
 shoulder (SO), L1840, L3650-L3677
 shoulder-elbow-wrist-hand (SEWHO), L3960-L3978
 side bar disconnect, L2768
 spinal, cervical, L0100-L0200
 spinal, DME, K0112-K0116
 thoracic, L0210
 thoracic-hip-knee-ankle (THKO), L1500-L1520
 toe, E1830
 wrist-hand-finger (WHFO), E1805, E1806, E1825, L3900-L3954
Orthovisc, J7324
Ossicula prosthetic implant, L8613
Osteogenesis stimulator, E0747-E0749, E0760
Osteotomy, segmented or subapical, D7944
 accessories, A5093
 belt, A4396
 pouches, A4416-A4434
 skin barrier, A4401-A4449
 supplies, A4361-A4421, A5051-A5149
Oxacillin sodium, J2700
Oxalipülatin, J9263
 ambulance, A0422
 catheter, transtracheal, A7018
 chamber, hyperbaric, topical, A4575
 concentrator, E1390-E1391
 mask, A4620
 medication supplies, A4611-A4627
 rack/stand, E1355
 regulator, E1353
 respiratory equipment/supplies, A4611-A4627, E0424-E0480
 supplies and equipment, E0425-E0444, E0455
 tent, E0455
 tubing, A4616
 water vapor enriching system, E1405, E1406
Oxymorphone HCl, J2410
Oxytetracycline HCl, J2460
Oxytocin, J2590
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