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Hematoma (skin surface intact) (traumatic) - see also Contusion
crush injury - see Crush
fracture - see Fracture, by site
injury of internal organs - see also Injury, internal, by site
kidney - see Hematoma, kidney, traumatic
liver - see Hematoma, liver, traumatic
spleen - see Hematoma, spleen
nerve injury - see Injury, nerve
open wound - see Wound, open, by site
skin surface intact - see Contusion
abdomen (wall) - see Contusion, abdomen
amnion 658.8
aorta, dissecting 441.00
abdominal 441.02
thoracic 441.01
thoracoabdominal 441.03
arterial (complicating trauma) 904.9
specified site - see Injury, blood vessel, by site
auricle (ear) 380.31
birth injury 767.8
skull 767.19
brain (traumatic) 853.0

Note37  Use the following fifth-digit subclassification with categories 851-854:

                        0          unspecified state of consciousness
                        1          with no loss of consciousness
                        2          with brief [less than one hour] loss of consciousness
                        3          with moderate [1-24 hours] loss of consciousness
                        4          with prolonged [more than 24 hours] loss of consciousness and
                                    return to pre-existing conscious level
                        5          with prolonged [more than 24 hours] loss of consciousness,
                                    without return to pre-existing conscious level

Use fifth-digit 5 to designate when a patient is unconscious and dies before regaining consciousness, regardless of the duration of the loss of consciousness

                        6          with loss of consciousness of unspecified duration
                        9          with concussion, unspecified

contusion - see Contusion, brain
laceration - see Laceration, brain
open intracranial wound 853.1
skull fracture - see Fracture, skull, by site
extradural or epidural 852.4
with open intracranial wound 852.5
fetus or newborn 767.0
nontraumatic 432.0
fetus or newborn NEC 767.0
nontraumatic (see also Hemorrhage, brain) 431
epidural or extradural 432.0
newborn NEC 772.8
subarachnoid, arachnoid, or meningeal (see also Hemorrhage, subarachnoid) 430
subdural (see also Hemorrhage, subdural) 432.1
subarachnoid, arachnoid, or meningeal 852.0
with open intracranial wound 852.1
fetus or newborn 772.2
nontraumatic (see also Hemorrhage, subarachnoid) 430
subdural 852.2
with open intracranial wound 852.3
fetus or newborn (localized) 767.0
nontraumatic (see also Hemorrhage, subdural) 432.1
breast (nontraumatic) 611.89
broad ligament (nontraumatic) 620.7
complicating delivery 665.7
traumatic - see Injury, internal, broad ligament
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